City Lodge Hotels 3 Beaches Swim-Run Challenge

Event Info

3 Beaches Swim-Run Challenge Information

The greatest way to experience the magnificent Nelson Mandela Bay Beachfront.

An epic SWIM-RUN challenge for individuals and teams to take in and enjoy our stunning beachfront. 

Tackle the ocean between Pollok Beach and Kings Beach with land based transitions at Hobie Beach, Humewood Beach and Kings Beach and then make your way back to Pollok Beach on foot.


Event Date

Sunday 17th March, 9am

Pollok Beach (in front of Lifesaving Club)

Entry Fee

Entry Fees Normal Late On the Day
Individuals R250 R300 R400
Duo Teams R350 R400 R500
Quad Teams R550 R600 R700


LATE ENTRIES will come into effect (+R100) from midnight Sunday the 10th of March 

Please note that due to the order period on all event items, late entrants (ie those registering in the week of an event) may be excluded from the finishers medals/gifts.



Individuals: Start at Pollok Beach, swim to Hobie Beach around all the rocks and around the marker buoy off the Beach and head to the beach where you need to run around Transition 1 (T1 Hobie Beach) before going back into the water and around the Pier heading to Humewood Beach. Around the 6-pack and on the beach for T2 (Humewood Beach) and then around all rocks towards Kings Beach. Round the marker buoy directly off the Kings Beach Lifesaving Club and onto the Beach for T3 (Kings Beach). Here you will find a mat with your running kit on and then you run back to Pollok Beach. Initially along the beach to MacArthur Baths and then onto the public footpath all the way to Pollok Beach and then at the corner of the car park BACK onto the beach for the last 100m stretch to the finish line.

Please note that there will be no distinction between those in wetsuits or costumes.

Teams: As above, but where applicable team member takes over at the Transition point.

For Individuals, seconds are necessary to set-out your run kit at Kings Beach and also collect your swim kit after you leave Kings Beach.

Race Day Check-In

ALL participants are required to check-in before the start of the event in order to receive your race numbers. Check-in / Late entries will open at 07h30 on race morning.  Races start at 9am

Route Plan

The 3 Beaches Challenge will consist of 4 legs;

Stage 1 – 1.6km from Pollok to Hobie Beach

Stage 2 – 0.8km from Hobie to Humewood Beach

Stage 3 – 1.1km from Humewood to Kings Beach

Stage 4 – Run 3km from Kings to Pollok Beach passed the City Lodge Hotels

At each point, participants will leave the water and either tag their team-mate or run through transition to continue. All marker buoys and rocks / structures in the water must be rounded.

The registration / finish area will be on the beach at Pollok Beach.


Refund Policy

When entering, you accept that all entry fees are non-refundable - you are making a non-refundable purchasing decision and must agree to this policy. You may not give or sell your number to another individual outside of the authorized transfer policy and process - if you do, this will result in disqualification and banishment from this event. This policy stays in effect whether you are injured, have an unexpected business or family emergency, illness, pregnancy, etc. There are NO exceptions. Once you register, unrecoverable race course services and items are paid for for you as if you will be attending the event.

We reserve the right to postpone or cancel the event due to events out of our control such as a natural disaster or emergency. No refunds will be issued under these circumstances. We may also alter the courses and distances at any time if required due to course blockages or other restrictions or impediments. There will be no fee refunds for a postponed or canceled event. 

A R50 transfer will be possible up until midnight of the 25th April. Contact office for the necessary coupon codes if you need to withdraw and transfer your entry to a 3rd party.

A swim-run is a stage competition which involves participants running and swimming over a race course that involves multiple swim and run stages