City Lodge Hotels 3 Beaches Swim-Run Challenge

Race Briefing


  1. Check-in (using the FinishTime Passport App) is compulsory for ALL participants in accordance with the Covid regulations imposed on us by the Metro
    1. Check-in open from 7.30 at Kings Beach (at the foot of the slipway between Super Tubes and the Lifesaving Club)
    2. Public Ablution facilities are available in the main building
    3. Each team member to check-in before going to their respective beaches – there’s plenty of time so team members should be able to watch the start before heading off.
  2. Use of a Swimbuoy is encouraged for this open-water swim. Lifeguards, Medical Boat and safety boats will be on the water for the duration of the swim leg. If you require any assistance, please stop and wave/shout to attract their attention.

  3. Two starts (Individuals 09h00 then Teams 09h05)

  4. First Leg (Kings Beach – Humewood Beach)
    1. Start on signal and head straight out to marker buoy off Kings Beach
    2. Right turn around buoy and head towards Humewood Beach
    3. Right turn AROUND marker buoy off Humewood Beach to head for beach
    4. Out of water and to clearly marked transition area ensuring your RACE NUMBER is called to our timing team
      1. Individuals – through transition and back into water
      2. Teams – tag your team mate who sets off into the water

  5. Second Leg (Humewood – Hobie)
    1. Head out to sea and AROUND ALL 6 pylons before turning right towards Hobie Beach
    2. Around the Pier and to the beach transition area (far side of beach nearest the slipway)
    3. As above ensuring your call in your RACE NUMBER to the timing team

  6. Third Leg (Hobie - Pollok)
    1. Head out to sea and AROUND a marker Bouy before turning right towards Pollok
    2. Stay on the OUTSIDE of ALL ROCKS !
    3. Around the marker buoy at Pollok Beach and to the beach transition area (will be on your right hand side coming onto the beach)
    4. Ensuring your call in your RACE NUMBER to the timing team
      1. Teams – tag your runner
      2. Individuals – put on your running kit and off you go

  7. Last Leg (Pollok – Kings Beach)
    1. Head on the beach until end of the car park and then head up to the pedestrian walkway
    2. Follow walkway all the way to Mac Arthur Baths
    3. As you pass Mac Arthur Baths, turn RIGHT to go onto the beach and follow the hard sand (waters edge) back to the start/finish area

  8. aQuellé Hydration
    1. All finishers will receive an aQuellé – for the team members, this WILL BE available at your transition change-over (ie where you finish).
    2. For the individuals and last team members, this will be at the finish line.

  9. FinishTime Results
    1. Your progress is automatically logged to our results page (for those at home or on their phones to follow) – turning the phone to the landscape position shows all transition times. (hence the need to call out your race number at each beach)
    2. Pictures will be available on the Gallery by end of day.

Any queries or issues – please Whatsapp Zsports on 0730034134

If posting to social media, please try and tag the event and the sponsors

@ZsportsEventsSA,, @TownLodgePortElizabeth , @CityLodgeHotelPortElizabeth




A swim-run is a stage competition which involves participants running and swimming over a race course that involves multiple swim and run stages