City Lodge Hotels 3 Beaches Swim-Run Challenge

Race Route

Route Plan

The 3 Beaches Challenge will consist of 4 legs;

Stage 1 – 1.6km from Pollok to Hobie Beach (around all rocks AND marker buoy off Hobie)

Stage 2 – 0.8km from Hobie to Humewood Beach (around Pier and 6-pack)

Stage 1 – 1.1km from Humewood to Kings Beach (around all rocks AND marker buoy off Kings Beach)

Stage 4 – Run 3km from Kings to Pollok Beach (start and end of run leg will be on the sand)

At each point, participants will leave the water and either tag their team-mate or run through transition to continue.

The registration / finish area will be at Pollok Beach.


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A swim-run is a stage competition which involves participants running and swimming over a race course that involves multiple swim and run stages