Jendamark Bellbuoy Challenge

Jendamark Bellbuoy Challenge

reserve day 14th April

Challenge your fears

Come and experience Africa's premier Indian Ocean swim - Round 1 of the 2019 Open Water World Tour with a prize pool of R76,000.

Rated as one of the toughest Ocean Swims in the world, the Nelson Mandela Bay Bell Buoy Challenge, presented by Jendamark Automation, takes place in the Indian Ocean waters of Algoa Bay - a potential World Heritage Site given that it's rich in both terrestrial and marine biodiversity. This ‘biodiversity hotspot’ is one of the unique dive sites in the world and is listed in the top four richest areas in the world in terms of biodiversity.

CAN YOU conquer your fears of the deep ocean and swim the Bell Buoy Challenge?



2019 ROUND 1
Jendamark Bellbuoy Challenge
Nelson Mandela Bay, South Africa



The epic Indian Ocean swim

The crossing from Hobie Beach was first achieved by Eastern Cape solo swimmer Kyle Main when he did a solo double crossing during the 2009 MTN Nelson Mandela Bay Splash Festival. Since then the crossing has attracted some of the world greatest open water swimmers. Amongst these, past champions include Petar Stoychev (Bulgarian Olympic swimmer), Melissa Gorman (Australian Olympic swimmer and 2009 5km World Champion), Rok Kerin (Slovenian Champion) and SA Olympic swimmer Troy Prinsloo. In 2014, safety of the event is greatly improved, with the start/finish at Pollok Beach in this challenging 5km ocean swim.

Qualification & Minimum Age

All entrants, who haven't previously successfully completed the Bell Buoy Swim, need to prove their competency in ocean swimming events of this nature. After your entry is made, please let us know what ocean swim events you have done to prepare yourself for the Bell Buoy Challenge. The age limit for the Bell Buoy swim is a minimum of 14 years of age (in the year of the race) in accordance with the FINA rules for open water swimming (OWS 1.2).

Entrants failing to satisfy the organisers of their ability to complete a swim of this nature will be withdrawn from the event and have 80% of their entry fee returned to them. Such proof of ability to be provided at least one week before the race.

Support Craft

Support Craft will be on standby during the event. Personal support craft of the swimmers is optional. Seconds on boats without propguards ARE NOT PERMITTED. Where using a surf ski paddler, he/she must be able to prove that they are competent over a 10km distance in open seas. All craft MUST BE SAMSA compliant.

Safety Swim Buoy

Because of the nature of the Bellbuoy Challenge swim and the number of swimmers in the water, the use of a sanctioned Swim Buoy / Tow Buoy is compulsory for ALL swimmers. The additional use of a personal second on a paddling craft is optional. 

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Africa's TOUGHEST Indian Ocean Swim - Algoa Bay, South Africa