Nelson Mandela Bay Bellbuoy Challenge

Home Stay

Coming from overseas and need accommodation?

Zsports are looking to host numerous overseas athletes for this event and ask Nelson Mandela Bay citizens to open up their homes and be host to one or more athletes. This way you will meet new and exciting people, who will bring the spirit of International competition to your home.

The Home Stay program is intended to help out-of-town (especially international) athletes to participate in our events and visit our country, who would normally not be able to do so due to accommodation costs.

The program also allows the host family to learn about another country’s culture, sport and way of living - if you are able to assist, please email Zsports with your contact details and how many athletes you'd be able to accommodate and any special requirements.


What does the athletes expect from the host family?

As a host family, all you have to provide for the athlete is a bed and bathroom. THey will also need a safe place to keep their belongings. The host family does not have to cook for the athlete who woudl be expected to arrange their own food and drinks.

Can we charge something for the hospitality?

Usually you do not receive any cash payments, but the athletes normally invite you to stay in their house if you ever travel overseas and want to meet them again.

Why should I give an athlete a home stay?

Our goal as organisers is to get the whole of Port Elizabeth involved in our events. When hosting an ahtlete you will be introduced to the fascinating world of international sport.

What is the procedure to get a home stay athlete?

Contact the Zsports Office on 041 484 7860 or email us.

If you are an OVERSEAS athlete requiring accommodation, please send us an email of request letting us know your travel arrangements and how many people in your party.


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