Jendamark Bellbuoy Challenge

Prize Template

2019 Prize Template

Winners Prizes for BOTH Men & Ladies

1R4,500R4,500 R4,500R4,500 
2R3,000R3,000 R3,000R3,000 
3R2,000R2,000 R2,000R2,000 
4R1,000R1,000 R1,000R1,000 
5R 500R 500R 500R 500


with lots of great lucky draw prizes up for grabs at both the Meet & Greet sesion and on race day.

Current 2019 Prize Pool of R44,000 CASH


Jendamark Bell Buoy Challenge Trophies

Unique trophies presented to

* Overall Male & Female Swimsuit category winners;
* Overall Male & Female Wetsuit Category winners;
* Overall Age Group winners (Male & Female):-
    50-59yrs and,
    60yrs plus.

Age Group trophies are based on age as at 31st December 2019 (as per FINA rules for 5km or longer race) and irrespective of category (ie first swimmer home in that age group).

Zsports reserve the right to alter prize template as may be necessary prior to the race.

Template last updated on 21/04/2018

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