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Congratulations to all the swimmers who have completed the Bell Buoy Challenge, sponsored by Jendamark.

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Herewith a list of ALL finishers for the Bellbuoy Challenge


Age group records

Oldest Bell Buoy Challenge finisher - Rob Connacher (Port Elizabeth) - 80yrs and 3 days (2014)

Oldest female finisher - Maria Stott (Port Elizabeth) - 61 yrs, 10 months and 3 days (2017)

Youngest ever finisher - Christie Vaughan (Port Elizabeth) - 14yrs 28days (2011)

Youngest male - Deacon Kingman (Port Elizabeth) - 14yrs 5 months and 20 days (2017)

* Minimum age permitted for the swim is 14 years (as at 31st December in the year of the swim).


Previous winners

Swimsuit category

YearMale Female 
2010Petar Stoychev (Bulgaria)01:33:47Melissa Gorman (Australia)01:41:00
2011No seperate swimsuit category
2012Troy Prinsloo (SA)01:31:11Dominique Dryding (SA)02:43:53
2013PJ Duffy02:01:16Tammy Geyer02:02:26
2014Byron Lockett01:01:53Kirsten Marriott01:08:18
2015Byron Lockett00:57:01Hannah Haswell01:03:19
2016Daniel Jones01:06:09Hannah Haswell01:13:09
2017Daniel Jones01:01:22Kirsten Marriott01:11:10


Wetsuit category

 Male Female 
2010Luke Nisbet (SA)01:34:42Denise Bosman (SA)02:31:44
2011Rok Kerin (Slovenia)01:38:34Dominique Dryding (SA)01:55:24
2012Brendan Creighton (SA)01:52:50Denise Bosman (SA)02:21:37
2013Wayne Jones (PE)01:43:10Natalie Goedhals01:59:22
2014Gustac Lokotsch01:04:34Amy Mardon01:16:21
2015Ian Venter00:59:26Amy Mardon01:10:25
2016Ian Venter01:03:40Amy Mardon01:24:33
2017Ian Venter00:58:16Amica de Jager01:01:21


* Pre 2014 the Bellbuoy Challenge was an 8km distance.

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