Nelson Mandela Bay Bellbuoy Challenge


The Swim Route

Below is the course for the Nelson Mandela Bay Bell Buoy Challenge, a swim of approximately 5km.

All swimmers can be assured that our NUMBER ONE priority is the safety of everyone who will be on or in the water on race day.

For this reason we will have ample water safety along the course including a paramedic boat plus the Police Divers in attendance. Local NSRI are on standby and will be in attendance if possible.

The race route has been divided into 2 zones; Zone A: Pollok Beach - midway to Bell Buoy (1.25km), Zone B: midway to Bell Buoy to Bell Buoy (1.25km).

Each of these zones will be manned by a separate safety team comprising of at least two motorised safety craft.

In addition to this, we hope to have static (sighting) yachts courtesy of the Algoa Bay Yacht Club along the route.

Click on the map to download a higher resolution map.

Any volunteers wanting to assist with the water safety should please contact us soonest (via the contact us page on this website).

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