Nelson Mandela Bay Bellbuoy Challenge

Useful Info

All-year destination

The coastal region of Nelson Mandela Bay (Port Elizabeth) enjoys an average of 7 hours of daily sunshine throughout the year. Temperatures range from 7.1 degrees C (44.8 degrees F) to 25.4 degrees C (77.8 degrees F). Peak rainfall (500-650 mm) occurs in spring and autumn.

In general, the weather of the Eastern Cape is kind to visitors.

Time Zone's

South Africa's Standard Time is 2 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time(GMT+2), one hour in front of central European winter time, and seven hours ahead of US Eastern Time. South Africa has got no different time zones and does not operate daylight- savings time.

Currency - The Rand (R)

The South Africa currency is in Rand (notes) and cents. 100 cents = R1. Check out the currency conversions on

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