Nelson Mandela Bay Bellbuoy Challenge

Race Details

The toughest Indian Ocean Swim takes in Algoa Bay, Nelson Mandela Bay, South Africa.


Two categories to choose from.

(1) ELITE SWIMMER - No seconds permitted for these swimmers. They'll start approximately 5min before others and will be eligible for any prize money on offer. 

(2) SOCIAL SWIMMER - These swimmers may have their own seconds during the event to help keep them company / guide them along the course and/or provide them with hydration. Social swimmers will not be entitled to any prize money on offer. 

NO category changes permitted after 07:00 on race morning.

All entrants will receive a Event Goody Bag & T-shirt which includes a branded silicone swim cap which must be worn at all times throughout the swim.

Overall Trophies and Age group trophies will be up for grabs based on finishing time (irrespective of category) - results published will also reflect actual race time and not be divided into category (EG A social swimmer could be declared the overall winner of the Bellbuoy Challenge swim despite starting 5 min after the Elite swimmers). 

NO LATE ENTRIES / REPLACEMENTS accepted after entries are shown as CLOSED. Category changes permitted up until 07:00 on race morning.

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Elite Swimmer 23 Mar 2024 08:00


Social Swimmer 23 Mar 2024 08:00

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Africa's TOUGHEST Indian Ocean Swim - Algoa Bay, South Africa