Coast to Craft Fun Run

Race Briefing

Due to Covid-19 regulations, we are required to have a digital race briefing to avoid congregating on race morning.

RACE DAY:    Saturday 1st Ocotober


REPORT FOR ENTRY: 08h00 - 09h15

FREE COFFEE to all adult participants who report in BEFORE 09h00.



Race Start beneath the aQuellé Arch in the car park of Something Good.

Limited marshals along the route and no water table will be provided, please take own hydration.

KEEP ALL TRAFFIC CONES on your left hand side (ocean on RHS, cones on LHS).

NO ROAD CLOSURES or Traffic Officers - TRAFFIC has the right of way at ALL TIMES PLEASE.

From the start line, proceed along the road and then down the CYCLE PATH towards Hobie Beach.
From Hobie Beach, proceed along the Promenade all the way past Kings Beach.

CAUTION when crossing the entrance to Kings Beach Car Park please.

From Kings Beach, proceed along the pavement all the way to the bottom of Walmer Blvd.

Follow pavement to your RIGHT down past the Mosque and over the Baakens St Harbour Entrance (CAUTION PLEASE).

About 100m further, under the freeway a marshal will direct you over the pedestrian crossing and towards the new Baakens Street Pedestrian Bridge.

Cross over the bridge and then stay on the pavement all the way to BRIDGE ST BREWERY finish line.

When you finish you will receive an ice cold aQuellé Water. Please do not hang around the finish area and please put your mask on as soon as possible.

On your race number is a tear off stub for a complimentary Beer from Bridge St Brewery - ENJOY!

If you are unclear of the instructions. PLEASE WHATSAPP us on 07300 34134 (whatsapp).

If you don't complete the event, PLEASE send us a whatsapp to let us know where you are and that all is OK. Failure to report in will result in us sending out a search party for you.

Pictures from the day will be available on our Gallery ( soonest after the event.




Fresh Coffee to Cold Beer, what more could you want