The Swim Series

Take up open water swimming

The Swim Series is presented by Zsports Events NPC on behalf of Nelson Mandela Bay Aquatics (NMBA) as the only official open water swimming series in the Eastern Cape where swimmers can qualify for SA OWS Champs.

The Series caters for all open water swimmers (social and competitive) and encourages growth in this fun sport.

Each race day in the Series will therefore be open to both swimsuit and wetsuit swimmers but official SSA times are only applicable to the registered SSA swimmers in accordance with FINA OWS rules.

This season The Swim Series will consist of 5 race days including the NMBA OWS Championships, offering all registered swimmers the ideal opportunity to achieve qualifying SSA times.

Safety comes FIRST

Whilst we encourage the use of the swimbuoy for all open water swimming, it is now mandatory that ALL swimmers 13 years and UNDER (as at 31 Dec 2020) are required to swim with a SWIM BUOY at all Zsports Events. There are numerous resellers of such items around the country and Zsports also have in stock (click here to purchase from us)

Zsports Swimbuoy water float safe swimmer

2019-20 Series Dates

  • Round 1 - Sunday 13th October
  • Round 2 - Sunday 24th November
  • Round 3 - Sunday 8th December
  • Round 4 - Sunday 12th January
  • Round 5 - Saturday 25th January - [includes NMB OWS 10km & 3km Champs] starts 1pm
  • Round 5 - Sunday 26th January [includes NMB OWS 5k & Interclub 4 x 1.2km Relay]

VENUE: Marina Martinique, Jeffreys Bay.


Once you have registered for a particular Series event, please ensure that your CLUB has captured your entry on Team Manager and that this is submitted to the NMBA PDO before the Wednesday morning (following the particular race). Failure to submit this file will result in your time(s) not being submitted to SSA.

Clubs - you can download the necessary Team Manager file from the link below, import into your Team Manager, complete and email to

Team Manager import file (zip file) for ROUND 1 - 13th October (Click here).
Team Manager import file (zip file) for ROUND 2 - 4th November (Click here).
Team Manager import file (zip file) for ROUND 3 - 8th December (Click here).
Team Manager import file (zip file) for ROUND 4 - 12th January (Click here).
Team Manager import file (zip file) for NMB Champs - 25/26th January (Click here).


Race Day Program

  • 08h00  Registration opens
  • 09h00  5km, 7.5km & 10km Start
  • 09h05  1km Start
  • 10h00  Prize giving (1km)
  • 11h00  3km Start
  • 11h05  500m Start
  • 12h15  4 x 500m Relay
  • 12h45  Prize giving (10km, 5km, 3km & 500m)


NMBA Championships Race Day Program

Saturday 25th January 2020

  • 12h00 Registration opens
  • 13h00 NMBA 10km Championships Race
  • 13h00 Swim Series 5km Start
  • 13h10 NMBA 3km Championships Race
  • 16h00 NMBA 10km & 3km prize giving (or sooner if all 10km swimmers are finisher) & Swim Series 5km

Sunday 26th January 2020

  • 08h00 Registration opens
  • 09h00 NMBA 5km Championships Race Start
  • 09h03 Swim Series 500m Start
  • 09h05 Swim Series 3km Start
  • 09h05 Swim Series 1km Start
  • 10h00 Prize giving (1km & 500m)
  • 11h15  1.25km Inter-Club Team Relay
  • 12h45 Prize giving (Championship 5km and Swim Series 3km & Relay)

SSA Registered 

ALL registered swimmers wanting their swim times registered with Swimming South Africa are required to do the following:

  • Register through this website ensuring that their Zsports online profile is updated with their SSA Number and Club
  • If from out of town, submit a clearance certificate to NMBA prior to race day
  • Ensure your club downloads the relevant Meet Events File, completes and returns to NMBA PDO by the Tuesday following the race day - NO LATE SUBMISSIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED

On Saturday 25th January we'll have a lucky draw from all swimmers who have finished a 10km swim at the Series and the winner will receive an AWESOME Blu_Smooth wetsuit. See prize template for details.

What's my SSA Number

If you don’t have the SSA number on hand, it is constructed as follows:                  


Where YYMMDD = Birthdate

AAA= First three letters of your first name as per ID book or Passport

B= First letter of your second name as per ID book or Passport – if no second name then *

CCCC= First four letters of your surname as per ID book or Passport – if the surname has fewer than four letters then add * in the remaining space

Please ensure that your online profile contains your Swim Club name and your SSA number.