The Swim Series

Event Information

Open Water Swimming

Zsports encourage all young children to get involved in swimming as an activity as it is not only great for fitness but also a great character builder. Health and fitness are key to a good lifestyle.

Open water swimming is a challenge, so we applaud everyone, especially the children, who want to get involved. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Check out for information on the open water selection criteria for provincial and national teams.

The Swim Series Entry Fees (2017/8)

Race Entry Fee - R200 (10km)
Race Entry Fee - R180 (5km)
Race Entry Fee - R160 (3km)
Race Entry Fee - R130 (1km / 500m)
Race Entry Fee - R100 (1km / 500m)

If the course allows, swimmers are permitted to register to have times recorded for all official distances within the swim (ie receive a 5km or 7.5km time whilst swimming a 10km race, receive a 3km time when swimming a 5km race - when course lap distances permit such) - an additional recording fee of R20 is applicable and must be purchase prior to the race starting.

PLEASE NOTE: You are required to register for EACH RACE DAY seperately. Late entry fee of R30 will apply when entering on the day of the event. Online registrations close on the Thursday before race weekend.

For safety reasons, the wearing of swim caps is compulsory for all events - swimmers to bring their own swim caps.

The Swim Series - What do I need?

Once registered, come down on Race Day and report for entry together with your entry fee(s) for the race(s) you would like to take part in. Swimmers are to provide their own swim caps and wearing of such is compulsory. Any swimmer starting without a swim cap will be disqualified. Wetsuits are permitted, but no official SSA times will be awarded to swimmers wearing non-FINA approved suits.

Medals & Prizes

Medals & prizes will be issued as indicated in the prize template.

Out of Town Swimmers

ANY swimmer registered with a club, that is registered within a District of the Eastern Cape, CAN SWIM IN ANY GALA OR SWIMMING EVENT within the EASTERN CAPE PROVINCE without a clearance being needed from the club or District PDO.

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