The Swim Series

Race Briefing

Please ensure that you read all content and links on this page.

PLEASE MOM'S AND DAD'S - if your kids can swim on their own, then they can please CHECK-IN on their own and we please ask that ONLY the SWIMMERS come to check-in.


Condensed Race Briefing

What’s needed.

  • Download FinishTime Passport phone app from your Play / Apple Store & ensure completed to QR stage for THIS event. App Store(, Play Store (
  • This app allows us to ensure you have answered all the necessary Covid screening questions and that we can keep a digital register of this (by scanning the QR code) without having to make you fill in any forms.
  • EVERYONE entering the event area will need to be scanned in & temperature checked when you Check-in. (Covid protocol)
  • The App allows for the details of up to 5 people so families may share one phone if necessary.
  • A guide on how to use the APP can be found HERE

SUNDAY (Race Day)

  • PLEASE Athletes ONLY (Covid protocol)
  • Report for Checkin from 08h00 ahead of a 09h00 start
  • Swimmers MUST please (self) body mark with their race number on both upper arms and back. If doing MORE than one event, please use the number of your FIRST EVENT.
  • START LISTS available at 
  • Own swim caps must be provided and those swimmers under the age of 13 years (as at 31 Dec 2021) are required to swim with a SWIM BUOY
  • Once checked in, please leave the official's area and you will be called to line-up on the beach 15 minutes before race start.
  • Water temperature of 20 deg and above: no wetsuit.
  • Water temperature between 18 and 20: swimmer can choose to wear a wetsuit or not.
  • Water temperature between 16 and 18: wetsuits are compulsory.
  • Water temperature below 16: swimmers should not be competing
  • If withdrawing from the event please ensure you advise the timing team
  • As soon as you finish your swim, please grab your aQuellé and leave the official area soonest.

General Information

  • NO GATHERING of swimmers / spectators
  • Social distancing at all times
  • Wearing of Masks at all times


PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE - all eyes are on us for hosting this event and we want to be an example of how events can run safely during Covid-19.

Please be mindful of any pictures you post of social media to ensure that they display responsibility and social distancing. Pictures of swimmers standing together without marks may lead to events like this being forced to cancel in future.


Tel:                +27 (0)41 484 7860
AFTER HOURS - Whatsapp:   +27 (0)7300 34134 (Messages ONLY)


Have an awesome race and please don't forget to give us your feedback after the event.