Beers & Bagels

9km Route

The 2023 Beers & Bagels Run will be introducing a brand new option. For those looking for more of a challenge and while running a scenic route the 9km fun run will add a new dimension to the Beers & Bagels fun run this year. 

The Beers & Bagels Fun Run will start at Summerstrand Village in front of the new Jacks Bagels restaurant. Runners will proceed as follows:

  • Run out of the shopping centre gates and turn left onto 8th Avenue
  • From there you will turn left into Brighton Drive
  • Runners will move straight past 9th Avenue and turn left into 10th Avenue
  • At the bottom of 10th Avenue runners will cross the road BEFORE crossing Marine Drive
  • Turn left across Marine Drive at the Pedestrian crossing
  • From here runners will follow along the footpath all the way to flatrocks where the path will merge with the road.
  • The event water table will be across the road from the Humewood Golf Club where the wonderful team at EZee media will be handing out waters and cheering people on
  • Runners will turn left at the next available street toward pine lodge
  • You will need to run past Pine Lodge into the reserve (you will loop around to the back entrance)
  • At SANCCOB penguin sanctuary 9km runners will continue straight.
  • Here will find the water table sponsored by CompRSA


  • The final section will be a simple run to the Cape Recife light house and back
  • Once you reach the Cape Recife lighthouse there will be a marshal and turn around board
  • Make your way back to the CompRSA water table and take a right turn onto the beach
  • Turn left onto the beach and continue until you reach the back entrance of Ziggy's
  • Turn left to the Finish Line

Cones will be placed along the entire route to direct runners. Marshals will be placed at critical points along the route. 

Support Sponsors Ziggy's Bar Jacks Bagels Jack Black Beer

Delicous Bagel. Cold Beer. What more could you want?

Water Table Sponsor Comprsa EZee Media
Shuttle Sponsor Hyundai