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Ambassador Program

What is the ambassador program?

We all know that one friend that bugs you to come do an event with them, the ambassador program was designed to turn everyone into that person. The program offers incentives if you get people to enter using your unique ambassador code. These incentives that the ambassadors receive if they meet the goal are limited edition and only an ambassador can get these. 

How it works?

You sign up as an ambassador and receive a unique ambassador code, you give this code to your friend that is entering and they use it as a coupon code when checking out. We will then be able to see how many people have registered using your unique code

What can you get as an incentive?

Tier Type No. of people who used your code Incentive
Tier 1 5 people Limited Edition Beers & Bagels Bottle Opener
Tier 2 10 people Limited Edition Beers & Bagels Beer Mug
Tier 3 20 people  Limited Edition Beers & Bagels Flask
Tier 4 30 people Limited Edition Beers & Bagels Softshell Jacket (Male)

Limited Edition Beers & Bagels Softshell Jacket (Female)


How to sign up

Send us an email to asking to become an ambassador and we'll respond with some extra information regarding the program and your unique ambassador code.

T's & C's Apply

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