Beers & Bagels

Race Briefing

Race Date: Saturday 11 June 2022

Race Start: 10h00

Race check-in: 08h45-09h30

Location: Jacks Bagels Summerstrand, Gqeberha

To receive your free Bagel before the race participants will need to hand in their voucher at Jacks Bagels. Voucher will be issued when checking into the race with the finish time passport app

Race will start outside of Jacks Bagels Summerstrand toward the car park exit to the Summerstrand Village shopping center. Traffic cones will mark the route all the way to Ziggy's. Runners are advised to keep to the left of the cones at all times. Cones are there to guide runners as well as to keep cars at a safe distance.

Please use caution when crossing any intercestion along the route. Espcially at Brighton Drive and Marine Drive. Marshals will be in place at critical points and are there to warn cars of the presence of runners along the road (not to give direction).

The event water table will be managed by the wonderful team at Kaplan Blumberg. Grab your drink as you pass their station at the Humewood Golf Club.

Please note that when you come to the Pine Lodge entrance this is not the end of the race. Runners are requried to enter the reserve and run toward SANCCOB penguin sanctuary. At the sanctuary runners will turn left off the tar road and run the last 500m on the beach toward the back entrance to Ziggy's. The finish will be up the wooden walkway just before the deck.

When crossing the finish line the tear off stub on your race number will be the token to getting a free beer. The barman will get this off and award you a cold one.

Please keep in mind that we are still in a pandemic and we ask you to wear a mask on arrival and when checking in and social distance before and after. 


 The start will be at Jacks Bagels Summerstrand inside the car park of the Summerstrand Village


The finish will be on the deck of Ziggy's R&R bar 

If you are unclear of the instructions. PLEASE WHATSAPP us on 07300 34134 (whatsapp).

If you withdraw at any stage during ther race please let us know via whatsapp or informing one of the route marshals. 

All pictures of the event will be available on the gallery post event


Support Sponsors Ziggy's Bar Jacks Bagels

Delicous Bagel. Cold Beer. What more could you want?

Water Table Sponsor Kaplan Blumberg