The Great Big Virtual Run/Cycle


We are still trying to fine tune the reporting of your progress, but for now we ask that teams please track their progress on Strava as follows;

1. Join and download Strava and make sure you verify your email with them - they will send an email to you for this purpose.

2. Open Strava on your phone. Go to PROFILE.

3. Click on the settings icon in the top right corner (small wheel)

4. Click on Applications, Services and devices.

5. Select Connect a device to Strava

6. Select your device and then follow the prompts to link them. Each device is different.
- you may need to turn on permissions in your devices App.

7. Once linked Strava will read the data from the device and there will be no need to manually enter your activity.

Results should show on the below Strava links;



Anyone not able to track their progress or their team's progress on Strava should track this on a spreadsheet and at the end of each month email this through to Philippa as per details on the Contact Us page.


Participating Schools