Global Diabetes 5km


This race is intended to highlight Diabetes in the World with all proceeds from the event going to the local branch of Diabetes South Africa.


Diabetes SA - Port Elizabeth
Board Member: Megan Soanes
Tel: 067 637 1940

Diabetes South Africa is a non-profit organization, founded in 1969 to be a support and an advocate for all people with diabetes in South Africa.


Mission Statement

Empowering all those affected by Diabetes through support, education and information.
Providing awareness to all and highlighting risk factors associated with diabetes and promoting healthy lifestyles.


Diabetes SA has a National Office in cape Town and 7 branches around the country.
Branches are run primarily by volunteers drawn from the ranks of the membership base.
Our branches have a strong network through linkages with over 100 smaller local branches and diabetes wellness groups in South Africa.

DIABETES is the 2nd leading cause of natural deaths in South Africa (after TB). EVERY DAY around 227 people die from Diabetes related causes in South Africa