Kitchen 2 Craft


Below route for the Kitchen to Craft trail run from Hello Its Me in Walmer to Bridge Street Brewery. 


Route will be coned with orange traffic cones from start to end. When in doubt about which way to go please use the cones as a guide. 

Please use caution when crossing any intersection, this will happen at Main Road for the start, at Water Road, Church Road and Short Road before the start of the trail section and finally at the circle before getting to Bridge Street Brewery. 


Starting at Hello Its Me in Walmer the route will be as follows: 

  • Start at Hello Its Me in Main Road Walmer
  • Turn right onto 13th avenue
  • Turn left onto Short Road
  • Turn right onto Club Road
  • Here is the start of the trail section
  • Enter the Baakens Valley trail at the bottom of club road
  • Follow trail all the way to Dodds Farm (below Walmer Golf Course)
  • Turn right onto tar road and follow with a quick left back on the trail
  • Follow the cones slightly left over a bridge and turn right
  • Follow the path to and arch to the right with the cones
  • Follow the trail all the way to the bottom of Thomas Road (where Thomas Road meets Alcock Road)
  • Turn left back onto the trail towards the Target Kloof bridge
  • Go under the Bridge and turn up onto the Target Kloof sidewalk
  • Cross the bridge
  • Turn right onto Chelmsford Avenue
  • Follow Chelmsford avenue all the way to the end
  • Make your way onto the footpath once more
  • Follow the trail and the cones all the way to Brickmakers Kloof Road (crossing the stream multiple times)
  • Turn Right onto Brickmakers Kloof Road
  • Turn Left onto Upper Valley Road (using the pedestrian crossing)
  • Turn left into Brighton Street and go around the back of Bridge Street where you will find the finish Tower
  • Enjoy a cold beer


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