LFC Family Action Weekend


The 24th edition of the Lake Farm Centre Charity Run & Ride will be held on the weekend of 23 & 24 March 2019. Die Burger and PE Express have confirmed their media partnership for the 2019 event.

As always, the ultimate goal is to raise much-needed funds and create awareness for Lake Farm Centre, a residential centre for physically and intellectually challenged adults.  We also intend for the sponsors and participants of this event to enjoy a safe, fun and meaningful family experience.  The biggest highlight for the residents is to mingle with the community at this wonderful family affair.

The 24th edition will consolidate the weekend of family activities with the three road events - a 5km & 10km road walk/run and a 24km training run; three trail events - 2km, 4km and 15km trail walk/run; and on Sunday, three fun mountain bike events -  a 3km & 6km Youngsters ride (the good); 14km (the bad) and 20km (the ugly!) fun mountain bike rides through the neighbouring countryside. PLUS this year we also have a 20km E-bike category!!!

Entrants will enjoy the Lake Farm Centre’s famous scones and tea/coffee, as well as pancakes and boerewors rolls.

The event will end off with the popular Lake Farm Centre’s Band performing, prize-giving, lucky draws and the fun Charity Auction.



Lake Farm Centre celebrates 58 years of providing a loving home and work place for 90 intellectually challenged residents.

Lake Farm Centre was founded in 1960 by Jack Walker and Ebba Booth and started in the very old buildings of the Lake Farm Hotel. The Centre has experienced many

changes over the years including the addition of electricity, tarred roads, new buildings, extra farm lands and the acquisition of the original farm buildings this year.

The Centre has 43 staff members, with 37 residing at the centre, ensuring the 24 hour support and care the centre requires. The Centre provides 10 separate work groups generating employment and the opportunity for residents to make a valuable contribution to the running and upkeep of the centre.

The Centre faces the challenge of making ends meet in a tough fundraising industry and slow economy.

The annual Lake Farm Centre Charity Run & Ride is their biggest annual fundraising platform.

From its humble beginnings Lake Centre had grown into a happy, productive Community where each individual is respected. Many of the foundation members are still making a meaningful contribution and appreciate the quality of life at the Centre.