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Lake Farm Centre

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Currently home to 90 intellectually disabled adults who live in 7 hostels. Your donation will go a far way in assisting the Centre.

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Lake Farm Centre has been involved in the care and training of the intellectually disabled since 1959.  The Centre was started as a “school” for mentally disabled children with boarding facilities.  In 1979 Lake Farm Centre Adult Care was founded as a residential facility with protective workshops.  Here involvement in work-skills i.e. farming, bakery, hydroponics, pottery, spinning and weaving, home industries, gardening and building maintenance, is encouraged.

The village started in 1959, opened in 1960 and celebrated our 50th anniversary in 2010.

Currently we are a home for 90 intellectually disabled adults who live in 7 hostels. Most of the residents work in 10 different work groups or workshops and contribute to the upkeep and running of the centre.


Check out our website http://www.lakefarm.org.za/

Please note: if you require a tax certificate, then please let us know. Email accounts@lakefarm.org.za for more details

If you would like to help, but can’t give money, please email admin@lakefarm.org.za for more details. We can let you know what our specific needs are.

Thank you