Town Lodge Business Night Relay


Thanks for the awesome support of this unique event hosted by the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium.

Herewith your results for 2019.

Round 1 - Tuesday 14th May 2019

See you next month.

If you believe there's a problem with the above results, please email us soonest and advise.

Herewith your results for 2018.

Round 4 - Tuesday 28th August 2018

Round 3 - Tuesday 31st July 2018

Round 2 - Tuesday 26th June 2018

Round 1 - Tuesday 29th May 2018



Herewith your results for 2017.

Round 4 - Tuesday 29th August 2017

Round 3 - Tuesday 25th July 2017

Round 2 - Tuesday 27th June 2017

Round 1 - Tuesday 30th May 2017


Your support of the Town Lodge Business Night Relay is REALLY APPRECIATED.


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Town Lodge
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A unique corporate and social night relay for runners and walkers hosted within the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium.

Hosted By Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium