NMB Duathlon Championships

Race Briefing


Please ensure that you read all content and links on this page.

What’s needed

  • Download FinishTime Passport phone app from your Play / Apple Store.
  • App Store (https://ury.io/Tz6QzD), Play Store (https://ury.io/Vz6QzD
  • Fill in the Personal Information section (app can take personal info for up to 5 people if necessary)
  • On RACE DAY, open app, select relevant event and answers Covid Questions until you get to the QR code - then report to CHECK-IN counter.
  • You will be scanned in & temperature checked. (Covid protocol)
  • Racking on race number only - at your number.
  • Race Belt is compulsory for our triathlon events (available for purchase online or at the event for R100 if needed).
  • Timing Chip Strap is necessary (available for purchase at event for R20 if needed)
  • Self body mark your LEFT hand please (see example) - number read from finger side please

How to use the Passport App Tutorial (click here)


  • Masks are compulsory and must be worn at all times prior to your gun start.
  • Social distancing must be adhered to at all times when checking-in, racking bikes or waiting in the start area.
  • ALL athletes to provide their own disposable mask which can be drop on the group at the start of the race for arranged cleaners to remove.
  • Screening as indicated above is compulsory for everyone in the race village area
  • Unfortunately at this time no formal registration functions, race briefings, meet & greet sessions and/or prize giving ceremonies will take place for this event
  • No Massage or Physio services will be available and no sponsor activation areas will be permitted.
  • All athletes are encouraged to leave the race village area as soon as possible after they finish and, as long as they don't interfere with athletes still racing, they may collect their bike and transition kit immediately after they finish.
  • Successfully screened persons will get a colour coded tyvek wrist band which needs to be kept on at all times throughout the day.
  • Persons who don't pass screening must leave the area and seek immediate medical advise. 


  • Athletes ONLY (Covid protocol) - Transition open 07h30 and closes at 08h15
  • Report to Zsports Registration Trailer with phone in hand and all questions answered to QR code stage for the relevant Race (questions ONLY available on phone on race morning)
  • Temperature will be checked – if over 38 degrees you will be sent home
  • Ensure your LEFT hand is body marked with your race number
  • You will receive an envelope with your ENTRY wristband, Race Number for race belt and Timing Chip for left ankle.
  • You will be required to have a disposable mask for use prior to start
  • Rack bicycle on your Race number position ONLY (alternating even and odd as per diagram)
  • Arrange personal equipment as you need it beneath your race number
  • A small towel is allowed on the ground with race equipment on top
  • Once done - proceed to start area (KEEP MASK ON PLEASE)
    • 08:25 Super Sprint Start
    • 08:30 Standard Distance 
    • 08:50 Sprint Distance

1st RUN

  • The run course will comprise of 2.5km laps in an clockwise direction on the Metro cycle/run path, returning on the pedestrian path along the beachfront
    • Super-Sprint ONE Lap
    • Sprint TWO Laps
    • Standard FOUR laps
  • Aid station with water and cola is situated along the run lap. Aid station is strictly SELF SERVICE (Covid Protocol).
  • Race Number to be attached to athlete supplied race belt and showing towards the FRONT please at all times.
  • It is the responsibility of the athlete to count their own laps
  • No littering will be tolerated.


  • Non-Drafting for ALL EVENTS
  • Ensure helmet is fastened before taking bike off rack
  • Mount / Dismount before line provided
  • Race Number to be showing towards the BACK at all times please
  • The cycle course will comprise of a 20km lap
    • Super-Sprint HALF a Lap
    • Sprint ONE Laps
    • Standard TWO laps
  • It is the responsibility of the athlete to count their own laps
  • No dedicated aid station on the cycle route
  • No littering will be tolerated.

2nd RUN

  • The run course will comprise of the same 2.5km route as per 1st run leg
    • Super-Sprint HALF a Lap
    • Sprint ONE Lap
    • Standard TWO laps
  • Aid station with water and cola is situated along the run lap. Aid station is strictly SELF SERVICE (Covid Protocol).
  • It is the responsibility of the athlete to count their own laps
  • Race Number to be attached to race belt and showing towards the FRONT please at all times.
  • No littering will be tolerated.
  • Once you finish, you are able to collect your bike from transition straight away and then we ask you please to leave the area as we aren't permitted to have participants congregating at the event.
  • PLEASE ensure your mask is put on as soon as you finish the race and BEFORE going back into the transition area.
  • Once you have your bicycle and you leave transition you will be required to return your timing chip - any lost chips will be for the athletes account at R100 each. Such payments will be returned BEFORE removing your bicycle

General Information

  • Using World Triathlon Rules (read here) and local event Rules (read here)
  • Any queries please contact Zsport Events SA as below

Tel:                +27 (0)41 484 7860
Email:            info@zsports.co.za
AFTER HOURS - Whatsapp:   +27 (0)7300 34134 (Messages ONLY)

Have an awesome race and please don't forget to give us your feedback after the event.



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