aQuellé Ocean Racing Series


The aQuellé Ocean Racing Series currently supports the Rotary Club of Port Elizabeth Sunrise, the only breakfast Rotary Club in Port Elizabeth which meets on Friday mornings between 7am and 8am at Jonesses (Bloomingdales Centre, Main Road, Walmer between 10th and 9th avenue).

Rotary is the largest humanitarian organisation in the world and through Rotary we are able to ensure that all donations go towards deserving projects within the community and can be accounted for.

Rotary is also currently responsible for the world wide eradication of Polio with each and every Rotary Club around the World contributing towards this massive and amazing achievement. Every cent raised by the clubs for Polio eradication is double by the Bill Gates Foundation.

In Season 14 we'd also like to offer some recognition, awareness and support to WINGS & WISHES. Established in 2006 with an objective was to assist critically ill children to access the care needed by them, they are always in need of support and we'd like to see if EACH race day we can donate some small item to assist them. See more specific information on our page about the organisation (CLICK HERE).

Africa's largest family beach event is unique to Nelson Mandela Bay