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Wings & Wishes

Wings and Wishes is a registered charity which was established in 2006 by employees at Coca Cola. Their objective was to assist critically ill children to access the care needed by them.

We started off by helping children who were in dire need of medical attention to travel to the Red Cross Children’s Hospital in Cape Town, so that they could receive the care that they required. This initiative started by these employees because they identified that there, at the time, wasn’t specialist paediatric care in Port Elizabeth. They started collecting voyager miles and donations, in order to fly children with cardiac and renal impairments to Cape Town for urgent treatment.

In South Africa, particularly, many families live in rural areas and simply cannot afford to transport their critically ill children to hospital in order to receive specialised care. As a result, many of these children die.

Unfortunately, our state facilities have limited budgets and even private patients on medical aid have strict restrictions on their benefits - such as transport.

On average, over 140 critically and chronically ill children are transported by Wings and Wishes every month. This is but a mere fraction of all the children who desperately need the assistance.

For many, Wings and Wishes is the only consistent hope that these critically ill children will be able to receive the medical care which they so desperately need.

In 2018, Wings and Wishes became an independent charitable organisation and spread its wings, so to speak.

What do we do?

At Wings and Wishes we are dedicated to transporting critically and chronically ill children to receive the lifesaving specialist medical care that they require.

Our objective is to provide transport for children, wo are deemed financially less fortunate, to receive life-saving and/or specialised medical treatment which they require – anywhere in Africa.

We provide compassionate and professional assistance to these children and their families, ensuring they have immediate access to the essential medical services which they need, and which are not available to them at a local level.

Our aim is to reduce premature and preventable child mortality rates, by facilitating access to specialised medical care, for those children who are critically in need of such treatment.

We assist families with

  • Transport Bookings – we make all the necessary travel arrangements for the child and an accompanying adult – whether by bus, aeroplane or car (or a combination of these)
  • Mercy/Care packs – each child receives a pack with some essentials, such as toiletries, pyjamas and activities, for while they are in hospital. For Bus travellers, this includes refreshments
  • Continued support – Once a child is registered with us, they will receive continued support in the form of travel costs, until the age of 18
  • Family support services such as a Christmas party, bereavement support group, pamper days for primary caregivers

To date we have assisted 6700 families with over 13000 travel bookings. In some cases one child’s travel can cost in excess of R100000 – a figure which is unattainable for most families in South Africa today.

How you can help us

We require assistance with donations which will cover various portions of the services that we provide – from airport taxes, to frequent flyer miles, to blankets, toiletries, snack packs and the like.

Our most pressing needs are airfares and airport taxes, although we cannot emphasise enough the need for peripheral care items.

You can

  • Donate (minimum 6000 miles) your unused frequent flyer miles
  • Cash for airport taxes
  • Cash donations for bus fare
  • Sponsorship for
    • Mercy packs
    • Snack packs
    • Blankets
    • Pyjamas

We like to build relationships. Our work is based on the relationships which we have with medical staff at the various paediatric units in South Africa. It is also based on the relationships which we build with the families that we assist – and the children that crawl into our hearts and make a ‘forever’ place in them.

We would like to build a relationship with you too. Your assistance will take you on a journey with one or several children who will have a chance at life – because of you.

Let’s take this journey together.


Inge Human

Manager: Wings & Wishes

Tel:    +27 41 3954092

Cell: +27 82 352 8515

Fax: +27 86 416 8820



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