aQuellé Khula Ocean Racing Series


SIGN UP TODAY - THIS IS A ONCE OFF PROCESS for this Series - Season 19.

With the aQuellé Khula Ocean Racing Series, irrespective of the discipline or race day you are taking part in, we encourage you to be a SERIES MEMBER (Series or Premier) to secure a Series Number for Season 19 (Oct 2023 - Mar 2024), enjoy the race day discounts and accumulate points. You will ONLY REGISTER once online for the entire Season.

Premier Membership - is the value added fully paid up option where entrants pay for the entire Season up-front, no standing in Q's on race day to sign in. 

Series Membership - offers you a 50% on race entry fees throughout the Season plus the opportunity to get Series points towards an overall standing. Once signed up, our Series members just report for entry on race days and indicate which of the 6 races they taking part in on the morning and pay the discounted fee of R100 for a swim, R50 for a beach event. 

Khula Kids - is our membership for the Kids 10 years and under 1km Beach Run / Walk and (pre-season sign up) includes a Khula Kids T-shirt.

Whilst not applying to those that register online as a member (just noted so you can inform others) - we do offer a LATE ENTRY / NON-MEMBERS entry option on race days - all they do is report for entry at the Late Entries kiosk - all their entry details must be completed on our Digital Entry Form (FinishTime Passport Mobile App). Non-Members don't qualify for any Series Points.

This ONLINE ENTRY PORTAL closes for EFT on midnight Wednesday before race Sunday (to allow time for payments to clear) and for Credit Card payments at 2pm on the Saturday of Race Weekend (to give our team time to process the entry lists).

When online registration shows as CLOSED below then LATE ENTRIES will be accepted on the beach between 07:45 and 08:30 on race morning. Please note that it's not possible to register for Membership on race days, only temporary entries will be possible at R200 for a Swim events and R100 for a Beach Events - PLEASE BRING CASH FOR PAYMENT.

LATE ENTRY / CHECK-IN is done using the FINISHTIME PASSPORT mobile app (please download from your app store and fill in all the necessary personal information - aka digital entry form).

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Series Membership 14 Jan 2024 09:00

Swimming, Beach Running

Opening Soon
Khula Kids - Series Membership 14 Jan 2024 09:00

Walking, Beach Running

Opening Soon
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aQuellé Khula
Series Sponsors aQuellé (blue) Swimmaster Solace Suncare Wimpy

Africa's largest family beach event is unique to Nelson Mandela Bay

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