aQuellé Khula Ocean Racing Series



With the aQuellé Khula Ocean Racing Series, irrespective of the discipline or race day you are taking part in, you need to be a MEMBER (Series or Premier) - this is a ONCE OFF PROCESS to secure a Series Number for Season 17 (Oct 2021 - Mar 2022).

Premier Membership - is the value added fully paid up option where entrants pay for the entire Season up-front, no standing in Q's on race day to sign in. 

As a member, you report for entry on race days indicating your Race Number and which of the 7 races you will be taking part in and pay the relevant discounted entry fee (Premier Members just sign in on their attendance board). You are welcome to chop and change between the 7 races throughout the season as long as you indicate which one you doing on a particular race day.

NON-MEMBERS may be able to sign up on the morning (pending COVID 19 RESTRICTIONS) and will receive a temporary race number. Please note overall standings results are only applicable to Members.

The BELOW option between swim / beach events is merely an indication (pre-season) on which you think you will compete in most during the season for purposes of the Goody Bag.

When online registration shows as CLOSED then LATE ENTRIES will be accepted on the beach between 07:30 and 08:30 on race morning. Please note that it's not possible to register for Membership on race days, only temporary entries will be possible at R150 for a Swim event and R100 for a Beach Event - PLEASE BRING CASH FOR PAYMENT.

EFT PAYMENTS - ZSPORTS BANKING DETAILS HAVE CHANGED - please see new details in confirmation email.

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Series Membership 09 Oct 2022 09:00

Swimming, Beach Running

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Africa's largest family beach event is unique to Nelson Mandela Bay