The aQuellé River Mile

Prize Template for 2021

With regret, due to the restricted entries and lack of sponsors, there will be no prizes at this year's River Mile.

However we have ensured that all finishers will receive a WORLD CLASS finishers medal.


Age group categories for our River Mile events is:

13 and under
30 - 34
35 - 39
40 - 44
45 - 49
50 - 54
55 - 59
60 - 64
65 and older



Club & School team award for the first 5 swimmers from a club/school as indicated on your website PROFILE.

u/14 Club team for the first 3 swimmers from a club - same rules as above with regards to eligibility.


Naming Sponsor
aQuellé (white)
Festival Sponsors Oracle Media Dynamic Express Services ZBrands Radio 2 Radio Communications

Hosted in Nelson Mandela Bay this is Africa's oldest open water swimming event - established in 1924.

Sanctioned By Nelson Mandela Bay Aquatics