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Zsports Swim Buoy

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The Zsports Swimming Buoy - specifically designed to provide a safety aide for open water swimmers without hindering performance or your stroke.

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The Zsports Swimming Float is specifically designed to provide a safety aide for open water swimmers, serving two critical functions without hindering performance or hindering your stroke.  When considering personal safety and peace of mind for you and those who care about you consider the following advantages of this device: 

Zsports Swim Buoy is the ultralight swim buoy that provides a safe way to float and rest during your swims.

Zsports Swim Buoy is a great swim buoy for those looking for a simple swimming buoy without any additional weight-adding features as it gently tows behind you without pulling you back or adding extra drag to your swim.

Zsports Swim Buoy provides reassurance for safer swimmers by adding extra visibility and floatation, in case you cramp up or simply need rest. Zsports Swim Buoy is light so it will be easy to bring with you on a paddleboard or kayak trip. Whilst the Zsports Swim Buoy adds to your swim safety, it does not replace a personal flotation device (PFD) or a life vest.

Swimmers in black wetsuits are virtually invisible in the open water, but the Zsports Swim Buoy will display your location prominently. Pair this brightly-colored swim float with a bright coloured swim cap to be exceptionally noticeable. Be Bright & Be Seen by speed boats and jet skis to avoid accidents.


Unlike running/cycling, when a swimmer suffers a stroke, heart attack or unconsciousness you sink and disappear below the water. Being connected to a Zsports Swimming Float could mean the difference between life and death.



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