What is a SwimRun??

Swimrun is the fastest growing endurance sport on the planet. NOT an aquathlon, swimrun is comprised of 2-person teams and solo athletes swimming and running back and forth, in their wetsuits and shoes (without changing), over multiple legs of open water swimming and all-terrain running.

I’m more of a runner, or a swimmer, not really both, can I really still complete a SwimRun?

Of course you can. Our swimrunner base is comprised of people from all walks of life and all endurance levels. While it is true that we have a large quantity of triathletes that have transitioned to swimrun or simply work swimrun into their triathlon season, we also have just as big of a population of swimmers, runners, and those that really didn't do a lot of either until they got into swimrun. If you swim, or run, you can certainly add the missing piece. Remember that swimrun is about the fun you have out there so if you are better at one than the other, that's ok, you'll find yourself loving them both equally out on our courses.

How competitive is it? What’s the vibe?

Just like anything else, it's what you make of it. Swimrun can be as competitive or as laid back as you want it to be. The great thing about the sport is that there's absolutely no pressure and everyone is there to have fun and support each other. Whether you're the kind of athlete that takes off like a cannon when the gun goes off red lining it the entire time, or someone that likes to ease into things and enjoy every second along the way.

Should I race as a 2-person team or 1-person solo?

When the sport started it only allowed registration as teams of 2. Over the years we have expanded it to allow solo athletes because we realize that some people can't find a teammate and/or they would rather just race alone, and we prefer to still allow those athletes to race. That being said, certainly recommend racing as a team. Team racing is the pinnacle of fun at swimrun. Being part of a team offers added safety, encouragement, and camaraderie along the way, something that many find essential to their race day success.

What’s the deal with wetsuits in SwimRun?

Athletes may use any wetsuit they wish. While triathlon wetsuits may technically work, hardly anyone uses them. They are a lot thicker, stiffer, and harder to run in than other wetsuits. Wetsuits that are thinner, more flexible, and are comfortable to run in making the transition from swim to run and run to swim much easier and enjoyable.

How do shoes work with SwimRun?

Shoes are mandatory and yes, you swim in them. Entering and exiting the water isn't always comfortable or safe without shoes and you don't want to be carrying a waterproof bag to take them in and out of before and after every swim.

We recommend all athletes swim in a lightweight trail shoe of some kind. A pair of shoes that will allow adequate drainage and when wet isn't extremely heavy. 

In the photos and videos, I see athletes with hand paddles and pull buoys, what’s that all about?

A majority of athletes, of all skill levels, use hand paddles and/or pull buoys during the race. They carry them strapped to their body during the run and swim with them during the swim legs. They are not mandatory but they will certainly make your race more enjoyable.

What about snorkels and fins? Are they allowed?

Technically, but we certainly DO NOT recommend them. In the few instances we have seen athletes use these items they are almost always discarded at the first or second water stops. A snorkel impedes your sighting ability, is another thing to carry, and increases as swimmers chance of aspirating water. Fins may help you swim faster but those gains are negated 2x over putting them on and taking them off along with carrying them in between swims.


What gear is mandatory?



Wetsuit/Swim suit 


You’re only one swim away from a good mood