Race Briefing

We have provided a digital race briefing to familiarise yourself with the course and rules which of the event. Please take some time to read and understand these rules. A summary of the race briefing will be held prior to the start of the event. 

The aQuelle ViV Friendly City SwimRun

Date: Sunday 30 October 2022

Start and Finish location: Town Lodge Hotel

Event Start Time: 08h00

Check in time: From 07h00

Check in will take place at the white Zsports trailer before 07h55 on race morning. T

Please note that this is a new route. Please have a look at the race route prior to starting the event. It is the athletes' responsibility to know the route. 

Body marking

Self body marking on the right hand will be compulsory for this race. Athletes need to show their race number to the time keepers as they pass the check in station - this is VERY IMPORTANT as without correct check in your race will show as incomplete. 

Check in stations on the route

Please have a look at the route to see n which zones check in takes place. Each zone will have a timekeeper taking numbers. Athletes will be required to either show or shout the correct race numbers to these timekeepers in order to make sure that you have completed the course correctly. 


Teams will be required to complete the exact same process as all of the individuals. However, when competing in a team partners may not check in at any station more than 10 seconds apart. 


What’s needed for Check in (FinishTime Passport) - FOR LATE ENTRIES

  • Download FinishTime Passport phone app from your Play / Apple Store.
  • App Store (https://ury.io/Tz6QzD), Play Store (https://ury.io/Vz6QzD
  • Fill in the Personal Information section (app can take personal info for up to 5 people if necessary)
  • On RACE DAY, open app, select relevant event and answers Covid Questions until you get to the QR code - then report to CHECK-IN counter.
  • PLEASE NOTE - This Triathlon event WILL ONLY appear under the races category on the Saturday afternoon before race day Sunday to ensure the most accurate responses to the Covid questions.
  • Please ONLY ARRIVE for your allocated Bike Check-in slot.
  • You will be scanned in & temperature checked on arrival. (Covid protocol)
  • Racking on race number only - at your number.

How to use the Passport App Tutorial (click here)


General Information

Any queries please contact Zsport Events SA as below

Tel:                +27 (0)41 484 7860
Email:            info@zsports.co.za
a/h Whatsapp:   +27 (0)7300 34134 (Messages ONLY)

Have an awesome race and please don't forget to give us your feedback after the event.


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