Race Route

Athletes must learn and understand the route, it is the athletes responsibility to know the course.

  • Any athlete that does not follow the route will be disqulified 
  • Athletes must run on the sidewalk/ pavement at all times remembering that there is no road closure for this event
  • All though there will be marshalls at cross over points, cars might not yield so use caution at these points
  • Athletes will be required to check in at each checkpoint - it is the athletes responsibility to ensure that the timekeeper receives and documents his number (either by showing or shouting the correct race number)


Rules for equipment are fairly straight forward 

  • Whatever equipment you start with you MUST finish with as well 
  • If an athlete is seen picking-up extra equipment they will be disqulified
  • If an athlete is seen dropping-off equipment they will be disqulified 

The following equipment is not allowed

  • Floatation devices larger than 100cm x 60cm 
  • Any motorised equipment 
  • Flippers that are longer than 15cm, Measurement are taken from the toe to the end of the fin 

By entering the event you agree and understand these rules and regulations



Teams are made up of 2 people racing together as one (both team members do the entire course). The team of 2 must never arrive at any checkpoint more than 10 seconds apart. Each participant must adhere to the same rules as individuals. 

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