The GWM HAVAL Muck Run

Giving Back...

Through all our Zsports events we like to encourage everyone to try and give back to those less fortunate than ourselves.

Whilst creating fun and exciting community events we are very mindful that there are others in the community that aren't as fortunate as ourselves and we would like to see each of our events leaving their own little legacy or footprint behind within the communities we touch. 


As is the tradition of the Muck Run - we ask ALL the Muckers to assist us in a collection of all unwanted clothing and blankets for the local communities and we'd like to continue with this drive.

We will ensure that all items donated are distributed to the most deserving within our community.

When donating we encourage our Muckers to bring as much old and unwanted clothing as possible - we just ask that you keep the clean donations seperated from the dirty donations.

The craziest, dirtiest and most enjoyable fun run in the Eastern Cape... ideal for families.