The GWM HAVAL Muck Run

Rules & Regulations

It's dirty but we still need to play a little bit clean for everyone's enjoyment.

Dawson's Farm

A R20 cash entry fee per vehicle applies on race days.
No drugs, weapons, animals, pets, alcohol are permitted without prior approval from Zsports Events NPC.



Race distances are a really messy guess and may not be entirely accurate (we had mud in our eyes and couldn't see the garmin).
Kids 2km Run is for 12 years or under only. Parents may run with. Any kids 12 years and under doing the adult race must be accompanied by an adult.
RUNNING SHOES ARE COMPULSORY (this is a cattle farm with bush & thorns)
Participants may not go back onto the course or to any specific obstacles once finished.
Please abide by all instructions given from race marshals or officials.
We recommend a towel and change of clothes. Rustic showers and changing facilities are provided.
OLD running gear is HIGHLY recommended, which we encourage you to donate to charity afterwards - fancy dress is always encouraged.

Race Course

Caution and the safety of others must be observed at all times.
Obstacles are fun and not extremely challenging and safety for self and others is of the highest importance.
Marshals reserve the right to pull runners off the course if they exhibit disruptive or unsafe behavior that endangers themselves or others.
It is encouraged for participants to work together as a team with friends, family and strangers - This is SURVIVAL, after all.
The runner in front of you has the right of way. If the runner behind you wants to pass show Muck Run courtesy and let them through. Do not go off the course, stay within the designated running area. If you have an injury tell a volunteer immediately. If you see someone injured show courtesy and help by finding a volunteer to assist.
No cleats or spiked shoes are permitted
Clothing must be lawful
You will be running up muddy hills, through branches that may have briars, near animals that may find this their habitat, over rocks and sliding down hillsides that may be dangerous. You will also be passing through water.
Know when to proceed with caution. Keep your head up and your eyes focused.



Care should be taken to complete obstacles in the way you are directed. Marshals stationed at each obstacle will provide instructions. Some obstacles have ropes that can be used if you feel the terrain is too steep. Ropes do not have to be used but are there for your safety. If obstacles cannot be competed, Marshals will give you further instructions at that point by way of a little time penalty before you may continue with the rest of the course.


Race number

You will be provided with a race wrist band, without such you are not permitted on the course. Your race number MUST be written on your forehead (propably the only part of your body visible at the end. No times or positions are recorded for this event - this is a non-timed event which is more about finishing than getting a decent position or time.


The use of iPods or any other listening devices is prohibited. Electronic devices would suffer extreme damage from the terrain, obstacles, water and mud on this course. Please do not bring them to the race as Zsports is not responsible for your electronic devices if they are lost, stolen or damaged.



Spectators are encouraged and with the NEW venue they are able to witness the majority of the race - Entry fee of just R20 per vehicle applies. Spectators may not go onto the race course and/or any of the obstacles. If spectators do not comply with race rules and regulations they will asked to leave the premises or thrown with mud.



Zsports reserves the right to cancel or modify the Muck Run in consideration of number of race participants, extremely adverse weather conditions, other health or safety factors and issues that pose an imminent threat to competitors or volunteers. PLEASE NOTE - the worse the weather the better for our Muck Run - we encourage the drought to be relieved the week before and/or on race weekend. We LOVE WATER.
Race entries are non-refundable and transferable only as permitted by organisers.

The Race Director reserves the right to disqualify any individual who does not comply with these rules.

The craziest, dirtiest and most enjoyable fun run in the Eastern Cape... ideal for families.