Nelson Mandela Bay Triathlon

Championship Rules

 *** All government Covid-19 regulations applicable to events will APPLY.


Please be advised that any athlete who has tested positive for Covid-19 in the past 6 month may not take part in a Zsports event without presenting a Doctor's (ideally sports doctor) letter advising that they have been examined and are cleared to take part in strenuous exercise.

All entrants agree to being temperature checked and the answering of relevant Covid questions prior to taking part in the event. If necessary your personal details will be passed on to the local authorities to assist with contact tracing. 

No athlete should attend an event if they are not feeling 100% on the morning of the event. 


The Championship Rules

The SA Duathlon Championships is run in accordance with the WT and TSA race rules. TSA Technical Officials, TSA Referees and marshals are in place on race day, ensuring the safety of athletes at all times.

  • It is the athlete's responsibility to know the rules
  • No unsportsmanlike behaviour will be permitted. Any abuse of race official(s), marshal(s), traffic officer(s) or competitor(s) could lead to disqualification from the race and/or the Series
  • Minimum age for racing as at 31st December is 12 years (Super-Sprint Youth Championships), 16 years (Sprint Junior Championships) and 18 years for the Senior Standard & Long distance. 
  • Any product prizes, if offered, are by attendance only and will not be kept for the original winner thereof.
  • Race organisers and TSA Triathlon officials decisions are final.
  • TSA may at any time amend and or add to these guidelines.

1st Run

  • Upper body garment must be worn
  • No outside assistance permitted
  • Strictly no littering permitted
  • Supplied race number must be worn on athlete supplied race belt (facing forwards)
  • Run course will comprise of 2.5km laps, athlete is to count their own laps
  • Penalty area is positioned about 100m from lap turn with Penalty board visible


  • At the bike check-in, the responsibility for the safety aspects, shall be the sole responsibility of hte athlete, however the appointed Technical Officials shall do a general observation of the bike to ensure general compliance with the equipment specifications.
  • No Helmet, no ride
  • Only approved hard shell helmets are permitted and these will be inspected on check in
  • Helmets to be clipped on and worn during the Cycle Leg and not be unclipped or removed until bike is racked
  • No cycling is permitted in or around the transition area
  • Wheels must be a spoke construction and have at least 12 spokes (no discs or tri spoke wheels will be allowed)
  • Permitted bikes and ruling on drafting as per Race Brief
  • Upper body garment must be worn
  • Traffic rules and officials must be obeyed - full road closures are in effect but two traffic controlled convoy's will be on the route at 08h15 and 11h00 between Pine Lodge and Admiralty Way
  • Supplied race number must be worn on athlete supplied race belt (facing backwards)
  • Penalty Tent is positioned at the cycle turn at the Transition end of the cycle loop
  • STRICTLY no littering permitted


  • Upper body garment must be worn
  • No outside assistance permitted
  • Strictly no littering permitted
  • Supplied race number must be worn on your race belt (facing forwards)
  • ONCE FINISHED, please put a mask on and collect your bike from transition as soon as possible
  • Sadly during Covid we ask that you please leave the race village as soon as possible


  • Results are shown live on our event website throughout the event showing your splits and overall position with a leaderboard for friends and family to follow. Share this with friends and family so they can monitor your progress.



  • TSA Protest and appeal procedures will be strictly applied. If required contact the Head Referee immediately after you finish your race. 


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Triathlon South Africa
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If you set a goal for yourself and are able to achieve it, you have won your race.

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