Triathlon Summer Series

Prize Template

2017 Prize Template

A final prize giving ceremony will be held after the last race day at St Francis where there the overall Series winners will receive their prizes and those in attendance will get to enjoy some lucky draws including TWO R500 Caltex fuel vouchers.

The R10,000 bicycle sponsored by ACTION CYCLES will not be an attendance draw - with each and every race you enter in the Series you will receive a ticket into this lucky draw which will be drawn at St Francis.


Overall Series Winners


Overall Winners123
First Senior MaleR1,000R 750R 500
First Senior FemaleR1,000R 750R 500
First Junior BoyR 750R 500R 250
First Junior GirlR 750R 500R 250


* Special R250 bonus if a Junior's position would place them in the equivalent top 3 position of the Senior category. 

Junior age group is 19 years or younger. Age as at 31st December 2017

Overall Series points will be allocated on position - (1st = 50pts, 2nd = 45pts, 3rd = 40pts, ... 10th onwards = 5 pts). Participant with the highest score after all 4 rounds wins - In order to qualify for cash prizes you must have done AT LEAST 3 of the races. In the case of a tie it'll go to the person who records the fastest race time in any one of the races within the Series.

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