Xerox Triathlon Summer Series

Race Briefing

Please ensure that you read all content and links on this page.

What’s needed.

  • Download FinishTime Passport phone app from your Play / Apple Store & ensure completed to QR stage for THIS event. App Store (, Play Store (
  • You will be scanned in & temperature checked. (Covid protocol)
  • Racking on race number only - at your number (see racking diagram).
  • Race Belt for your race number (available for purchase online or at the event for R80).
  • Self body mark your LEFT hand please (see example) - number read from finger side please

How to use the Passport App Tutorial (click here)


  • Athletes ONLY (Covid protocol) - Transition open 07h00 - 07h50 only
  • Report to Zsports Registration Trailer with phone in hand and all questions answered to QR code stage for the relevant Race
  • Temperature will be checked
  • Ensure your LEFT hand is body marked
  • You will receive your Race Bib (please retain this for ALL races in the week)
  • Rack bicycle on your Series number position ONLY (alternating even and odd as per diagram)
  • Arrange personal equipment as you need it beneath your race number
  • A small towel is allowed on the ground with race equipment on top
  • Once done - proceed to beach for swim start (KEEP MASK ON PLEASE)
    • 08:00 Super Sprint Start
  • NO SWIMMING WARM UP before start please
  • Use of Swimbuoys is NOT Permitted
  • Swim course is ONE LAP keeping ALL buoys on your left shoulder at all times
  • NO SWIMMING with your race number beneath your wetsuit
  • Cycle 1 lap (Draft legal but only front rider may be on their tri bars)
  • Ensure helmet is fastened before taking bike off rack
  • Mount / Dismount before line provided
  • Race Number to be showing towards the back please
  • Super Sprint turn is about 1.1km past the University Marine Drive Gates - Sprint Distance turn is at Noordhoek Ski Boat Club entrance
  • Run 2 laps for Sprint Distance, 1 lap for Super Sprint participants
  • Water Table strictly SELF SERVICE (Covid Protocol) will be located at the Hobie Beach turn
  • Once you finish, you are able to collect your bike from transition straight away and then we ask you please to leave the area as we aren't permitted to have participants congregating at the event.
  • PLEASE ensure your mask is put on as soon as you finish the race and BEFORE going back into the transition area.

General Information

  • Using World Triathlon Rules (read here) and local event Rules (read here)
  • Any queries please contact Zsport Events NPC as below

Tel:                +27 (0)41 484 7860
AFTER HOURS - Whatsapp:   +27 (0)7300 34134 (Messages ONLY)

Have an awesome race and please don't forget to give us your feedback after the event.


Naming Sponsor
Xerox Eastern Cape
Series Sponsor Vodacom Something Good ZBrands Haval Port Elizabeth

The most intense week of triathlon in South Africa

Supporting Sponsors aQuellé (white) Eveready Birch's Man Peanut Butter Max
Beneficiary Aurora Special Care Centre