Triathlon Summer Series

Results - 2016/17

Herewith the results from the 2017 EP Triathlon Champs hosted by About IT in January 2017.

2017 About IT EP Triathlon Championships Results


Herewith the results from the 2016 About IT Triathlon Summer Series.

2016-12-16 Round 1 Results

2016-12-18 Round 2 Results

2016-12-21 Round 3 Results

2016-12-26 Round 4 Results



2016 Overall Standings

Overall Series Summary (in alphabetical order)

2016 Age Group Results in accordance with ITU Age Groups


For the overall standings, all 4 race points will count and to be in contention for the top 3 cash prizes in the Junior and Senior age groups, participants would have to have taken part in at least 3 races.

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