The People's Triathlon


Herewith your routes for the 2022 edition of the People's Triathlon (click image to download higher resolution version).

Nelson Mandela Bay - 4th September 2022

Transition is at Pollok Beach and the swim is a one-way swim starting at Hobie Beach (1.2km walk from transition) and finishing at Pollok Beach. The Run Route has also changed slightly because exclusive use of the public cycle path isn't allowed so we've moved the entire run to the road, making it MORE spectator friendly and more spacious for the runners. The run now becomes a 6 lap race as shown.

2km SWIM

People's Triathlon Swim Route

One way swim between Hobie Beach and Pollok Beach. It'll be a walk to the start (start time is 07h30 so please allow sufficient time to get there). 

The People's 60 and People's 30 events will START and FINISH their swim at Pollock Beach 08h15. Their swim will be approximately 1km (2 laps) and 500m (1 lap) off Pollok Beach.


90km CYCLE 


People's Triathlon Cycle Route

 FULL Road closure for the entire cycle route until 1pm.

The People's 60 will be just TWO laps of the course whilst the People's 30 will be ONE lap.


21km RUN

People's Triathlon Run Route

on the map to download higher resolution images. Run will be 6 laps in a ANTI-CLOCK-WISE direction between the Beacon (bottom of Admiralty Way) and 1st Avenue (Hobie Beach) as shown above. Please note that between 1st and 2nd Avenue the route reduces to a single lane. 

Strictly NO SECONDING permitted along the route with the run route demarcated with traffic cones - no spectators on the road please.

The People's 60 will be just FOUR laps of the run course whilst the People's 30 will be TWO laps of the course.

ST FRANCIS BAY - Sunday 6th March 2022

Transition is at The Quays, Sea Glades Drive, St Francis Bay (see their Facebook Page).


The swim is TWO laps around the Long Island canal starting in front of The Quays restaurant. 


The bulk of the cycle is on the R330 between Cape St Francis and Humansdorp (37km Laps) where you will do 2.5 laps. From transition it's 2.25km to the R330 on a road which has two traffic bumps. You then return on the same road back to transition after your 2.5 laps.

PLEASE NOTE: there will be no road closure on the R330. Traffic Officers will be in attendance but all cyclists are reminded to obey all rules of the roads and be mindful of vehicles on the route.


The run will be 4 laps (shown in yellow) around this area

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