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Key Safe

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Outdoor Key Safe Box for Keys Storage - KEEP you car key safe whilst out doing sport.

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The Key Safe is ideal for leaving your keys and valuables in a secure place, whether it's whilst you take part in a sporting activity or whether you need to leave them for someone else to collect (B&B, domestics, armed security etc.)
Set your own easy to change 4 digit code

Corrosion free zinc alloy case with chrome plated hook and rubber backed case


The Key Safe is a safer, more secure, alternative to leaving your keys under a rock, hidden on your car or having to carry it with you when undertaking your favourite sports activity. Great to use to store a spare key outside the house, leave a key for armed security or the domestic, or for house sitters.

The Key Safe, a 4-digit re-settable combination lock, has a large chamber to fit most car keys or remotes and is made from cast steel with a corrosion free zinc alloy case and chrome plated hook. offers Made of cast steel

We offer no guarantee but this certainly offers a safer and more secure alternative to leaving keys and valuable objects under a rick, vehicle, doormat or "hidden" somewhere else.

* Property sales and management, holiday rentals
* Building sites and contractors
* House and pet sitters, children after school
* Watersports, beach and car parks
* Outdoor activities, camping and hiking
* Marinas, car services, household use and security

> Zinc Alloy and hardened iron steel
> 190mm x 75mm x 42mm
> Weights 700 grams

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