Whale Trail

The excitement is building.. the time is getting close.. we look forward to ANOTHER fun-filled and educational day at The Willows Holiday Resort & Conference Centre to Welcome the Whales to Algoa Bay!

To add to the appeal of this family day, we've added 3 fun trail routes (within the Willows Resort) to start your day.

Come and join us in a 3km, 6km or 10km trail through the coastal bush surrounding Willows.

After your trail walk / run you will be able to enjoy a packed program which includes;

  • Whale Communication & History of Whaling Presentations
  • NSRI Whale Disentanglement Demo
  • Tourism and Whale Related Exhibitions by Environmental NPO's & Groups
  • Recycling educational activity
  • Intertidal Educational Walk
  • Flea Market
  • Raggy Charters Sunrise Cruise
  • Fun activities for Children
  • Live Music by Local Artists
  • Food Stalls & Bar
  • & so much more!

There is a R20 entry fee into the festival which is included in the entry fees for the Whale Trail events so that you get to enjoy the Festival after your run/walk.

Awesome Merchandise

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Whale Trail Merchandise