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Zsports Events NPC is a non-profit company which specialises in the production and management of sporting events for the whole community.

At Zsports we are committed to delivering high calibre entertaining sporting events as well as creating high value experiences for our participants and spectators alike whilst promoting healthy lifestyle and physical activeness, all this in the Adventure Province, the Eastern Cape.

As a non-profit company we are able to ensure that all funding for events go towards ensuring sustainability and growth of the events. Through the many sporting events which Zsports is involved with we are able to offer our sponsors a fantastic return on their sponsorship investment.

About Zsports

In 2007 founder member, Mike Zoetmulder, saw the need for a professional event management company to engage, participate and manage activities and projects that support, promote, and advance sport in South Africa and more particularly in the Adventure Province of the Eastern Cape whilst supporting local charity initiatives.

"Having spent several years overseas, I have witnessed how sport benefits each and every one of us. I believe that sport strengthens character and contributes to mental and physical well being. Most sports teach the lessons of teamwork, perseverance, patience and discipline. The inherent challenges promote self-confidence and self-esteem. By offering well managed sports events to a wider general public, Zsports seeks to bring these benefits to individuals and communities across the Eastern Cape.

"Furthermore, I wanted to establish an organisation to encourage and facilitate excellence whilst providing an avenue for athletes with the talent and desire to achieve their full potential. There are individuals for whom 'full potential' means competing with the best in the world. I believe we all have a part to play in encouraging these individuals as they are capable of a level of excellence that can inspire all members of our nation to fulfill their own potential."

"We hope that by encouraging participation, personal challenge and the pursuit of excellence, we will foster healthier and happier individuals, stronger communities and a better country."

Zsports is also dedicated to the process of trying to establish Nelson Mandela Bay’s supremacy in water sports.

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