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Crowd Control Barriers

Our crowd control barriers are constructed from galvanised steel and can be used to construct:

  • Secure event transition areas
  • Secure finishing chutes for events
  • Crowd control in general
  • Access and exit control
  • Instant and temporary fencing

The barriers are particularly designed to be athlete, spectator and sponsor friendly:

Athlete friendly

The crowd barriers at the perimeter of an event transition area or at a finish chute of the event protect the athlete and their equipment from public and spectator interference and obstruction.

Spectator friendly

In contrast to the “police type” crowd barrier used in some sporting events (and for crowd control in general) our crowd barriers are designed with spectator comfort in mind. Spectators can lean on the barriers with their forearms and have enough space on the ground to move their feet and legs into an offset position - taking strain off the lower back. This allows spectators to spend tireless hours watching the action.

Sponsor friendly:

The barriers allow a vast variety of promotional material to be displayed. Full size promotional banners (3m x 1m) are attached to the frame of the barriers with cable ties. 

The angle that the barrier forms with the ground allows a better visual impact of the attached promotional material to the spectators present at the event and to the TV audience.

Zsports currently own just over 100m of 3m x 1.8m, 600m of 3m x 1m barriers and 200m of 1.5m x 0.9m upright barriers which are ideal for queue dividers.

Other fencing extras include:
Wire mesh fencing in lengths of 50m (erected by our staff)
Fence lock droppers (to secure fences in windy conditions)
Sand bags / cement blocks (to secure fences in windy conditions)
Upright fences ideal for registration queues or finish tunnels

Zsports speed fencing for hireZsports speed fencing for hireZsports speed fencing for hireZsports speed fencing for hireZsports speed fencing for hireZsports Speed fencing hire


Course marking

Race Distance Markers (1km through to 9km)
Traffic Cones
Traffic Delineators
Event Finish Structure with start/finish banner
Inflatable marker buoys (swimming events)


Registration items

Plastic chairs
Trestle Tables with black table clothes
Cash Registers (Tills)


Electrical Items

3 Phase DB Board (18 x 16amp Plug Points)
30m Extension Cords


Event Support

Online registration (comes with a customised event specific website linked to Zsports website)
Event timing & result publication


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